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My adventure into the world of Naturism (Part 2)

Thanks for those who read and commented on my first official blog posting, sorry it took me so long to post again, I'm still trying to get into this routine, but will try to be quicker in the future, and hope to soon learn ways to make my posts more exciting with pictures, etc.

Now I’m going to continue my story about my journey into the world of Naturism….

After my naturist adventure in April, I could hardly wait for my next naturist adventure; luckily I didn’t have to wait long.

My second naturist adventure was at a naturist resort around Orlando Florida, this was just going to be a smaller group of the people who were at the event in April, along with a new naturist friend from online.

This was over Memorial Day weekend, so as the day arrived Saturday May 23rd, final plans were made and the packing was completed, as this would be my first journey up to Orlando since moving to Florida.

The morning arrived, and it was raining and raining some more, so I wasn’t sure what to do, but I definitely didn’t want to cancel my plans if there was a chance for decent weather, so luckily I had the phone number of one of the other people who was going to be there, so I was able to make contact and find out that the weather was a lot different up in Orlando, I keep forgetting just how big Florida is, and that no matter what the weather is in one area its going to be completely different in another area.

So I left to head for the resort, everything was fine until I got close to the resort…this was when as with the first time I began to get nervous, but I think I was actually more nervous this time as this was a much larger resort, with a person in the gate house, and I knew there might be some issues at registration.

So after driving past once, and turning around and then driving past again, I stopped to get some lunch/dinner real quick since it was like 4 or so in the afternoon. Then after eating, I headed back to the gate and when I was in the left turn lane my friends from April who were already inside texted me and were like “where are you?”, so this time I did it. I went to the gatehouse, and I was really nervous but managed to talk to the lady at the gate house who was somewhat friendly, so she let me in and told me how to get to the registration office, so I drove through the gate and then parked at the office. There I went in, still extremely nervous, to register. This is where things got a little hairy for a minute, since this was more of a “family” naturist resort so they have special “single male rules”. So I had to explain that I was there to be with friends who were already there and started dropping some names and then I hit the magic name, and then that hurtle was past, but then when I informed them that I might have a friend who was also a single male who I wanted to cover under my camping registration as it covers the fees of two people, she had to get a supervisor to get permission, but after a few tense moments they took his name and it was fine.

So after registering I went and parked at the camping area, and then took off my street clothes but I wasn’t quite ready to be totally naked yet, so I just put on a pair of white shorts, after doing that I went for a walk to find my friends, they were sitting outside the bar there, so got to chatting and before I knew it the shorts came off, since I know when I’m naked I feel weird when there are clothed people around, this is one reason why I think in a way if it was possible I would make Haulover Beach in Miami European swimwear optional, meaning if someone wanted to wear something on the beach for guys it would have to be a speedo or a squarecut type swimsuit, and bikinis or something similar for women, since the main people that are creepy are sitting on the beach fully clothed, but that’s a discussion for another day.

Then after sitting and chatting for a while, they were all drinking so I went and set up my tent so I’d have a place to sleep for later…and then made myself a drink, but not knowing I took it into the bar area, where then one of my friends told me I couldn’t have my outside drink in there…I’ll have to remember to take matching cups for next time so they won’t know…lol…so being a rocket scientist I didn’t want my drink to go to waste so I was like oh I’ll just chug it, NOT I repeat NOT a good idea!! So here it was like 9/10pm and I was already pretty gone. And being OCD that I am about loosing belongings I remember that I kept walking around and going through my head counting my fingers to keep track of everything, you wouldn’t think it would be that hard when you’re not wearing any clothes. So as the night went on one of the guys was making his famous “hornets”, as I continued to communicate with my friend via text, and then I went to put an orange glow stick on it so he could find it just in case I passed out before he got there.

Finally about 1am, my friend got there…it was good that I’d talked to them earlier about his arrival, since he said that he got weird looks at the gate, but luckily they didn’t give him a hard time at the office. So then the night continued, we all just talked and had a great time talking, drinking, hanging in the hot tub, then as it got to be in the mid morning hours, it was time for everyone to go to sleep.

Then the next morning we all got up slowly from the previous nights activates, my friend had to go take someone to the airport, so he left to go do that, and we all just chilled by the pool, campsite, etc. for the morning, then about mid morning my friend returned, to just continue more of the same…which doesn’t sound all that exciting, but it can be nice to just get away from the high speed world and take a break in the no speed world..

Then as the evening came, people started leaving to get back to there real lives, it was short, but it was still nice to see everyone. I was planning to spend a second night, but due to unforeseen circumstances my friend had to leave, so I opted to cancel my Monday beach plans, as I hasn’t been there before, and wasn’t in the greatest mood.

Next update will include a much more exciting Naturist adventure, with a much larger group of young people…

I will try to get that up quicker, as I want to get my naturist adventures up to date as August will prove to be an active naturist month, so want to be able to update those right after they happen…

This is all I’m going to write for today, about my second naturist experience, I will definitely add future posts about my other experiences to date when I get the chance, I hope you all enjoyed hearing about it, and hope my writing isn’t too terrible as I haven’t really written anything like this in a while..


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