Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Now after my super quick into I thought I would try to post a list of some of my interests:

I know I haven’t included everything on this list, as I’m always finding new things that spark my interests when I go crazy on Wikipedia, so I’ll continue to update this post…I’ll be sure to put the new things in a different color though so you know what’s new and what’s not..

Interests: (in no particular order)

· Swimming

· Surfing

· Scuba

· Speedos

· Water Polo

· Australia

· Naturism/Nudism

· Vegetarianism (I’m not currently a vegetarian, but I am interesting in trying it at sometime in the coming future)

· Environmental Issues such as:

§ Solar Energy

§ Pollution

§ Global Warming

· Issues involving society in the USA:

§ Public Transportation (i.e. High Speed Trains, and other transport)

§ Food Supply and Food Heath Issues

§ Political Issues in General

· Animal Rights/Protection issues such as:

§ Marine Mammal Issues at Parks such as the Miami Seaquarium

I know that this is a lot of different subjects, so once I get going I am thinking that for some of the issues that I wish to cover more in depth that I might start a separate blog for them, so those of you that wish to read those posts can, without bombarding the rest of you with them…

At the Current Point many of these will probably make no sense to you, but over time I will try to do a post on each one, explaining why I am interested in it, with links to resources and other information so any topic that I discuss you can do your own research to make up your own mind, because I am a big believer in that everyone needs to make there own decisions about things, and it would do no good for me to try to stand on a soap box and pretend to be the expert at everything, when I am not, but I would just hope to be able to open your eyes to issues and different topics that you possibly have just never thought about in detail before, so from that point forward you can make more educated decisions….

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