Saturday, December 5, 2009

Food, Inc...

Sorry I've been doing so terrible at keeping up with this blogging thing... I definitely need to do better...

Today's post is going to be different from previous posts, though don't worry I'll get back to naturist/speedo posts hopefully soon..

Topic: Food, Inc.

I just saw the movie/documentary Food, Inc


I'm not going to go into super detail about it right this minute, but lets just say its definitely an EYE OPENER... Its available to watch on netflix I know, not sure where else it can be found, but I'll definitely keep my eye out for a free place to watch it online, since it needs as much exposure as it can get..

After watching it it prompted me to do alittle bit of independent research, and this is what I found..

1)Undercover Egg Industry Investigation Shows Chicks Ground Up Alive (I think the title is pretty self explanatory, and it contains a pretty graphic video)

2) A photo of how chickens are raised in the dark, with no chance of ever seeing sunlight

I'm sure I could find tons of photos, videos, etc... but the point of this post isn't to have me make up your mind for you, its just to open your eyes and your mind to a different away of thinking... as opening up our eyes to the ways that things are currently done is the first step to constructive change...

This definitely makes me want to move forward with my decision to try Vegetarianism/ Veganism... in the near future.. Though I'll admit that is not necessarily a solution to the problem as that is not necessarily a practical solution for all people...

Feel free to comment as would be great to get the discussion started, and also if you like what you have seen so far would be great to get some more activity here on the blog from readers, as that would definitely increase my motivation to post more often...

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

iPhone Update

First Blog Post from my new iPhone!!!

This should hopefully help in making my blog more active, as I can post things in real time, while I'm at events, etc...

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Monday, September 14, 2009

Sorry it's been so long....

I so didn't realize how long it had been since I'd written something..don't worry there is a good reason...

Well to start off, I was gone for a good portion of last month up to Pennsylvania, where I attended/worked at the GNI Gathering 2009, for those of you not familiar, GNI stands for Gay Naturists International.

Overall I had an awesome time, and I will definitely be writing more about it soon, for that I was gone from August 18th, until September the 1st, and the weekend prior to that I attended another of my events with my Florida group here in FL from the 14th to the 16th..

As I know your all probably thinking does this guy have anything to say about anything else other than naturism, I will definitely start some other topics soon...

Today I just want to give a shout out on my blog to one of my favorite blog buddies, who I can say was part of my motivation at this attempt to start my own blog..

Shannon Boh from Australia, he posted a very touching video about life on youtube that I found touching and I hope you do to...

His blog can be found at

On a totally different note I've been dealing with something on more of a personal level, something that I've never had to confront personally before it was always just some distant thing that you hear about in the news and about people that I've never really known on a close personal level.

Last month, right before I left on my trip to GNI, the night before I was leaving I found out one of my close friends is HIV positive...I knew something was up since he'd been in the hospital for a few days previous, and I knew nothing good could come out of him saying that there's something that we need to talk about along with the dreaded words "I don't want to talk about it on the phone", when someone says this you just know something isn't right. So to all you guys out there, especially the younger once like under 30, who think that HIV isn't real or that it can't affect you, all I have to say is YES IT please practice safe sex and encourage your friends to do the same, so you or your friends won't have to deal with this disease...

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Sunday, August 2, 2009

My adventure into the world of Naturism (Part 2)

Thanks for those who read and commented on my first official blog posting, sorry it took me so long to post again, I'm still trying to get into this routine, but will try to be quicker in the future, and hope to soon learn ways to make my posts more exciting with pictures, etc.

Now I’m going to continue my story about my journey into the world of Naturism….

After my naturist adventure in April, I could hardly wait for my next naturist adventure; luckily I didn’t have to wait long.

My second naturist adventure was at a naturist resort around Orlando Florida, this was just going to be a smaller group of the people who were at the event in April, along with a new naturist friend from online.

This was over Memorial Day weekend, so as the day arrived Saturday May 23rd, final plans were made and the packing was completed, as this would be my first journey up to Orlando since moving to Florida.

The morning arrived, and it was raining and raining some more, so I wasn’t sure what to do, but I definitely didn’t want to cancel my plans if there was a chance for decent weather, so luckily I had the phone number of one of the other people who was going to be there, so I was able to make contact and find out that the weather was a lot different up in Orlando, I keep forgetting just how big Florida is, and that no matter what the weather is in one area its going to be completely different in another area.

So I left to head for the resort, everything was fine until I got close to the resort…this was when as with the first time I began to get nervous, but I think I was actually more nervous this time as this was a much larger resort, with a person in the gate house, and I knew there might be some issues at registration.

So after driving past once, and turning around and then driving past again, I stopped to get some lunch/dinner real quick since it was like 4 or so in the afternoon. Then after eating, I headed back to the gate and when I was in the left turn lane my friends from April who were already inside texted me and were like “where are you?”, so this time I did it. I went to the gatehouse, and I was really nervous but managed to talk to the lady at the gate house who was somewhat friendly, so she let me in and told me how to get to the registration office, so I drove through the gate and then parked at the office. There I went in, still extremely nervous, to register. This is where things got a little hairy for a minute, since this was more of a “family” naturist resort so they have special “single male rules”. So I had to explain that I was there to be with friends who were already there and started dropping some names and then I hit the magic name, and then that hurtle was past, but then when I informed them that I might have a friend who was also a single male who I wanted to cover under my camping registration as it covers the fees of two people, she had to get a supervisor to get permission, but after a few tense moments they took his name and it was fine.

So after registering I went and parked at the camping area, and then took off my street clothes but I wasn’t quite ready to be totally naked yet, so I just put on a pair of white shorts, after doing that I went for a walk to find my friends, they were sitting outside the bar there, so got to chatting and before I knew it the shorts came off, since I know when I’m naked I feel weird when there are clothed people around, this is one reason why I think in a way if it was possible I would make Haulover Beach in Miami European swimwear optional, meaning if someone wanted to wear something on the beach for guys it would have to be a speedo or a squarecut type swimsuit, and bikinis or something similar for women, since the main people that are creepy are sitting on the beach fully clothed, but that’s a discussion for another day.

Then after sitting and chatting for a while, they were all drinking so I went and set up my tent so I’d have a place to sleep for later…and then made myself a drink, but not knowing I took it into the bar area, where then one of my friends told me I couldn’t have my outside drink in there…I’ll have to remember to take matching cups for next time so they won’t know…lol…so being a rocket scientist I didn’t want my drink to go to waste so I was like oh I’ll just chug it, NOT I repeat NOT a good idea!! So here it was like 9/10pm and I was already pretty gone. And being OCD that I am about loosing belongings I remember that I kept walking around and going through my head counting my fingers to keep track of everything, you wouldn’t think it would be that hard when you’re not wearing any clothes. So as the night went on one of the guys was making his famous “hornets”, as I continued to communicate with my friend via text, and then I went to put an orange glow stick on it so he could find it just in case I passed out before he got there.

Finally about 1am, my friend got there…it was good that I’d talked to them earlier about his arrival, since he said that he got weird looks at the gate, but luckily they didn’t give him a hard time at the office. So then the night continued, we all just talked and had a great time talking, drinking, hanging in the hot tub, then as it got to be in the mid morning hours, it was time for everyone to go to sleep.

Then the next morning we all got up slowly from the previous nights activates, my friend had to go take someone to the airport, so he left to go do that, and we all just chilled by the pool, campsite, etc. for the morning, then about mid morning my friend returned, to just continue more of the same…which doesn’t sound all that exciting, but it can be nice to just get away from the high speed world and take a break in the no speed world..

Then as the evening came, people started leaving to get back to there real lives, it was short, but it was still nice to see everyone. I was planning to spend a second night, but due to unforeseen circumstances my friend had to leave, so I opted to cancel my Monday beach plans, as I hasn’t been there before, and wasn’t in the greatest mood.

Next update will include a much more exciting Naturist adventure, with a much larger group of young people…

I will try to get that up quicker, as I want to get my naturist adventures up to date as August will prove to be an active naturist month, so want to be able to update those right after they happen…

This is all I’m going to write for today, about my second naturist experience, I will definitely add future posts about my other experiences to date when I get the chance, I hope you all enjoyed hearing about it, and hope my writing isn’t too terrible as I haven’t really written anything like this in a while..


P.S. If you like this article and want to help send me on more Naturist adventures, feel free to donate (the link is on the side)

Note: I have it set to allow me to screen comments, so if you wish to comment, but don't want the comment to become public just put a note in the comment and I won't publish it...

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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My adventure into the world of Naturism (Part 1)

My adventure into the world of Naturism/Nudism…

I’m not exactly sure when I became interested in the subject, but I know I got my first speedo style swimsuit in 1997, which is pretty close to being naked, and I’ve always like the ocean, swimming pools, water parks, etc.

My first official time enjoying being naked, was when I studied abroad in Australia in Spring of 2004, where down at the end of Seven Mile beach people would go without swimwear, it was just a few people, and I didn’t know or speak to any of them, but this was the first time I got the courage to officially remove my swimwear and in this case I just happen to only be wearing a speedo to begin with, it made me feel so free, so uninhibited, one with nature, wearing nothing but my birthday suit while enjoying the ocean, beach, and sunshine. I also was able to night skinny dip in the pool when no one was around, it felt so taboo, but yet so wonderful.

Then I remember having a talk with a friend in like 06 or 07 about naturism and from talking to him I found out about a naturist program for college age people, though we both tried to research it and were unsuccessful in finding any real legitimate information at that point in time, but luckily through the power of the internet and facebook, we were able to stay in touch..

This past winter in January, I relocated from Indiana to the wonderful new exciting state of Florida…Then Ironically in April my naturist friend, who I had only lived about 45 minutes from in Indiana, but had never meet posted on his facebook that he was coming to west palm beach Florida…and being curious as I am, I asked why…This is when I learned about the Naturist College Spring Break weekend, and this was like Wednesday and the even was on Friday…I’m not sure why, but prior to this I was always real hesitant about just doing random things without knowing a lot of details, but in this case for some reason I just felt comfortable and that it was something that I was meant to do, and I had really been wanting to meet my naturist friend ever since I first talked to him and this could be my one and only chance a voice in the back of my mind was saying, as now I lived more than 1000 miles away from him, and it was just sort of ironic that the event was so close to my new home, it was sorta like that fate had intervened or something to make the trip possible..So I went and bought a tent and all the other needed supplies, I was ready..

So finally after years of anticipation of my first naturist experience it finally happened April 10-12 in the year 2009!!

Then the day came (Friday), and I inquired about what time my friend was getting there, and then headed for the location, as I approached the location I was getting more and more nervous, I stopped at a Publix to get some more drinks and some beer ( I never really drink beer, but I thought I might need something to help my nervousness)…Then after this stop I looked at my Google directions and headed for the location, as I approached I started shaking I almost felt as though I was going to vomit, then finally I got there and turned in the drive, and using all my might I parked and went into the office to check in (fully clothed), and right then and there was my first real naturist resort experience where the staff was there completely naked like it was totally natural and didn’t even give it a second thought, so I filled out the registration form and got directions to the camp site, then after passing through the security gate, I headed to the camp site.

After a slight detour getting lost, since there weren’t many people there just yet and it was hard to tell which area was ours, I found the spot, and there were a few naked people, but most were still wearing some type of clothing at this point so I was still pretty nervous, so to ease myself into it I changed out of my street clothes into just a pair of short running shorts and no shirt, I figured that was a good step, so then rather than just sitting around awkwardly I picked out a spot and set up my tent, then right as I was finishing setting up my tent the main group of young people arrived, and I was relieved…At first I just sorta watched there group for a second to figure out who was who, and then I saw my naturist friend, so after a minute or so went up and introduced myself and it was great, we clicked right from the start (I mean we all know how scary some first meetings are when meeting people from the internet, and we normally only agree to coffee or something, not a whole weekend, and we wear clothes for the first meeting)…So then after a few minutes and once we all worked to get the big tent set up (who would have thought it would take 10-15 college age people to set up a tent), then we all made a trip to the grocery and liquor store…then upon returning to camp, the most amazing thing happened I’m not sure if someone yelled the phrase “naked time” or something, but in an instant everyone went from fully clothed to “naked”, so rather than just being the odd ball and being nervous I just jumped right in and removed my shorts.

WOW…Is all I have to say…I mean you would have thought I would have been nervous but in actuality I wasn’t, it just felt so normal and natural…and when everyone was naked it just wasn’t a big deal at all…and everyone was surprised when they found out it was my first time, though throughout the remainder of the event I learned I definitely wasn’t the only first timer…

So the activities for the first night just included having fun, there was a big drum circle around the big bon fire, where there were naked people, drummers, all kinds of different things..Then as the night progressed and we all started drinking the evening just got funner and funner.

The next day (Saturday) we all woke up, after everyone slept naked, and there isn’t anything you really have to do to get ready for the day when you start out naked…we just spend the day drinking a little, socializing, swimming in the heated pool, just having an all over great time, then later in the afternoon the majority of us participated in yoga (though we did wear shorts for it, since you get in some pretty crazy positions) and my friend made fun of me for some of the verbal noises I was making during it…lol…Its a lot harder than it looks, and I definitely felt muscles that I never knew I had and was bent into positions that I didn’t know I could get into any more (its definitely an activity that I hope to do more in the future as it seemed like it would be a really great workout tool). After yoga we all had some dinner at the buffet that was set up where they had different kinds of lasagna (vegetarian and meat) (I tried both). Then for the evening there was more hanging out around the fire, and there was a karaoke party for the entire camp in the screened in pavilion, and then after that started to wind down everyone went for a night swim in the pool, and then some people hung out in the sauna, and a few went down the water slide, and then moved over to the hot tub (which I definitely couldn’t get in all the way, after burning my backside, as it had never been exposed to the sun so much in its life) and then we just meandered back to the campsite, for a relaxing evening and another night of sleep.

After another awesome night, the next morning came (Sunday). First everyone had some breakfast and we definitely all needed our coffee this morning…I don’t think any of us could believe that the weekend was over so quick, but it wasn’t quite over yet…After breakfast everyone packed up all there gear while there was some discussion about which beach to go to, and it was funny after it had been discussed to change the plan for like an hour or two it instantly was back to the original plan…so once this was decided we all headed for Haulover Beach in Miami…The people in the other car just started out naked with only a towel to cover themselves for the journey down…I wasn’t so sure about that so I’d put clothes back on, but less than a mile from the location at a stoplight I joined and took my clothes off at a stop light, and then as I was following one of the other cars as I wasn’t 100 percent sure as to where we were going, I had to put the petal to the metal just to keep up I’m just glad I have a Sunpass or there would have been no way I could have kept up since I almost lost them at every toll plaza, I didn’t even know my car still went that fast…lol…Then finally after one of the most exhilarating drives of my life, we arrived at the beach, where from here we parked and walked to the beach in nothing but our towels…its definitely a different feeling…So we spend a few hours there and got some good sun and ocean time, it was definitely pretty awesome, except for some of the creepers on the beach, but luckily that day there was a Miami Police Officer that wasn’t super old driving around on a four wheeler keeping watch on the beach, to try to keep inappropriate activity to a minimum..Then as the day drew to a close we all headed back to the parking lot to say our good byes and head our separate ways.. This has to of been one of the most heart felt good byes ever, it was reminiscent of the time I went to the Student Council National Convention the way we all became such good friends, but that was over like 2 weeks not 3 days…

This is all I’m going to write for today, about my first naturist experience, I will definitely add future posts about my other experiences to date when I get the chance, I hope you all enjoyed hearing about it, and hope my writing isn’t too terrible as I haven’t really written anything like this in a while..


P.S. If you like this article and want to help send me on more Naturist adventures, feel free to donate (the link is on the side)

Note: I have it set to allow me to screen comments, so if you wish to comment, but don't want the comment to become public just put a note in the comment and I won't publish it...

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Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Now after my super quick into I thought I would try to post a list of some of my interests:

I know I haven’t included everything on this list, as I’m always finding new things that spark my interests when I go crazy on Wikipedia, so I’ll continue to update this post…I’ll be sure to put the new things in a different color though so you know what’s new and what’s not..

Interests: (in no particular order)

· Swimming

· Surfing

· Scuba

· Speedos

· Water Polo

· Australia

· Naturism/Nudism

· Vegetarianism (I’m not currently a vegetarian, but I am interesting in trying it at sometime in the coming future)

· Environmental Issues such as:

§ Solar Energy

§ Pollution

§ Global Warming

· Issues involving society in the USA:

§ Public Transportation (i.e. High Speed Trains, and other transport)

§ Food Supply and Food Heath Issues

§ Political Issues in General

· Animal Rights/Protection issues such as:

§ Marine Mammal Issues at Parks such as the Miami Seaquarium

I know that this is a lot of different subjects, so once I get going I am thinking that for some of the issues that I wish to cover more in depth that I might start a separate blog for them, so those of you that wish to read those posts can, without bombarding the rest of you with them…

At the Current Point many of these will probably make no sense to you, but over time I will try to do a post on each one, explaining why I am interested in it, with links to resources and other information so any topic that I discuss you can do your own research to make up your own mind, because I am a big believer in that everyone needs to make there own decisions about things, and it would do no good for me to try to stand on a soap box and pretend to be the expert at everything, when I am not, but I would just hope to be able to open your eyes to issues and different topics that you possibly have just never thought about in detail before, so from that point forward you can make more educated decisions….

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First Post...

Hello World...My name is Matt...I was born in Indiana...and then live in the USA....I've always love the beach, and enjoyed the hobbies of swimming, scuba, basically anything that involves water and speedos...I have many different interests and I'm hoping to use this blog as a way to help me track and further explore some of those interests, and possibly even see if this blog could help in my search for the ultimate job, where I could work to make some positive changes in this crazy world we live in....I always try to look forward into the future knowing that eventually everything will work out, and that no matter how crazy something seems everything happens for a reason...

Hit me up, would be great to hear from all of you...

P.S..I haven't done a journal/blog in a while so it might take me a little time to get some of my writing skills back but I'll sure try...

I'll also work on getting some pics up soon, since I know I always like it when I know who I'm reading about....


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